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FSC® Certified Picture Frames

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What do you want hanging on your wall?


So what difference does it make to you whether your picture frames (and their mounts, any printing paper, backing back boards etc – anything timber based) are made from FSC certified wood? Well, I can’t say for sure what you would be getting otherwise, only…

what you’re not getting with the certification:


  • Slave labour used in production
  • Destruction of habitat for endangered species
  • Destruction of indigenous peoples’ traditional way of life
  • Pollution of Forest regions
  • Over-harvesting of Forestry adding to climate change


PictureFrames.Co.Uk is proud to be the first Bespoke Picture Frame Manufacturer in Europe to be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC).


FSC certified products are labelled and we can supply a chain of custody invoice upon request. Over 88% of the mouldings shown on pictureframes.co.uk are made from certified timber: look out for the FSC tick tree logo by your chosen moulding to be sure it’s certified. All other timber based materials used in manufacture – mountcard, undermount, backing and printing papers are FSC certified.

The FSC is the foremost body globally involved in promoting Responsible Forestry. There are other timber certification schemes but our research concluded that the FSC is by far the most rigorous and far reaching; this is also the view of the WWF who describe the FSC as the “hallmark of responsible forest management”.

The process by which the FSC regulates the timber subject to their certification is by ensuring that every business involved in the production and use of the timber, from the forest to the end-user, is inspected by FSC auditors on a regular basis.

We at PictureFrames of Shaftesbury Ltd are audited once a year. During this audit, we have to show evidence that everything we market as FSC certified has used only certified timber based materials in its production. To date, we have done very little marketing of FSC certified products as we have been getting everything in place to try and get everything certified.


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