DIY framing pitfalls


Many designers, when starting off in business, opt to use ready-made frames from stores like Ikea. Price is often the motivator. But not only is the cheaper price often an indication of poorer quality, but how can you be sure your chosen frame is in stock when you need it, and are you confident the final product does your work justice? Our hand made frames, provide all the relevant fittings (if you are fitting yourself) that will allow you to demonstrate a professional and desirable end product.

magnifying glass and thumb print on white backgroundFitting

It is easy to forget the time and care that it takes to precisely fit an artwork in a frame to Fine Art Guild Commended standards (as we do). How often frames have to be disassembled because of a stray hair, speck of dust or a fingerprint on the inside of the glass? Infuriating huh?!


For a small or medium sized business, the time and money spent on presenting and safely packaging your product is costly.
We buy in bulk so we can pass our price and space savings onto you.


Loading the car, battling to find a parking space along the high street just to stand still in a Post Office queue! Haven’t you got better things to do? Our relationship with several high-quality courier firms take all the strain and stress out of dsitribution.