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Artist of the Month

July 2012

Artist of the Month, Johnny Bull.

Dorset-based artist Johnny Bull, is truly a force of nature.  We have worked with him regularly for quite some time now, printing and framing his art works, and in addition to being a thoroughly lovely bloke and a pleasure to work with, his whirlwind of inspiration and talent never cease to amaze and delight us.

Johnny is many things rolled into one.  He’s a teacher, writer, illustrator, photographer, graphic artist, painter and, last but not least, he’s a social networking proliferator – meaning he likes to blog a lot – which is a joy to read and merely pays homage to his egalitarian philosophy and community spirit.

He has recently produced art works for exhibitions including the Royal Academy, the branding for the Chalke Valley History Festival and the book cover illustration for Tariq Goddard’s latest top-selling novel, The Message.

As a big-time jazz enthusiast, it’s no surprise that his latest muse would be the good and great of the jazz world.  His graphic portraits of legendary artists including: Sarah Vaughan, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davies and to bring it right up to date, Amy Winehouse, are striking likenesses produced in such a sympathetic way, way beyond what most pop art ever manages to achieve or makes it its business to achieve.

Our work for Johnny has involved printing onto everything from posters using poster paper to the natural soft texture and other fine art papers to printed canvasses.  In terms of framing, we tend to keep it fairly simply, so we tend to use natural hard woods, typically the oak moulding D086 and F832 in a range of finishes, natural, limed or stained.

An exhibition of these jazz-fuelled works is being held at a unique art space in rural Dorset.  For more information regarding this location and the dates of the exhibition, please follow this link:
Johnny says;

“I’m going to create a jazzy interior; filling it with new paintings and prints.  All colourful, all singing and all dancing images of my heroes, including Charlie Parker, Louis Armstrong and the incomparable Amy Winehouse”.

Johnny Bull Prints and Paintings, The Sound Of Music – A Jazz Metrospective, 14th – 22nd July @ Ashley Wood Farm.

JUNE 2012

Artist of the Month, Phyllis Wolff.

Dorset artist Phyllis Wolffs’ colourist sympathies and expertise have found a surprising outlet of late. As an accomplished watercolourist and oil painter, when Phyllis had an operation on her hand in the winter of 2011, she was forced to stop painting all together. For a lot of artists a period of enforced creative inactivity like that could spell a downward spiral of emotion.  Not so for Phyllis. In an attempt to dispel the ensuing tension, she treated herself to an iPad, without realising at the time it would open the door to a whole new way or working. So, rather than sit around clamping-at-the-bit during her rehabilitation, Phyllis soon discovered and unleashed the creative potential of the iPad’s painting Apps, and in a relatively short period of time she has amassed an extraordinary portfolio of digital art works.
So keen is she to share her revelation (as are we!) she is going the extra mile by teaching others how to create digital masterpieces themselves.
Phyllis says:
“The beauty of the iPad is the fact that it fits easily into a sensible sized hand bag, and can be taken everywhere! My aim is to be able to draw/paint as one would if not in the studio then ‘in the field’.   I am constantly challenging myself in my work, and that includes taking on new technologies. The op on my hand (which I was dreading) launched me in to a totally different way of working/painting that I absolutely had not anticipated. Now because I have enjoyed iPad work so much (not at the cost of oil painting however) I want to share this with others and, having always enjoyed teaching, I am now helping others access the amazing scope of the iPad…just think what Matisse or Picasso would have done with it…just look at what Hockney has done!”.
Phyllis has long been a friend of ours at Pictureframes and we are delighted to have collaborated with her to produce her iPad drawings on high quality paper and to integrate our state-of-the-art framing and printing software via her own website so her fans and customers can buy her prints and get a quality frame at the same time….ready to hang!…From the comfort of their iPad!
And for all you budding iPad artists out there..! To follow in Phyllis Wolffs’ and David Hockney’s footsteps on your iPad, then the App you want to download is called ‘Artiststudio and Brushes’.  And if you hurry, you may still be able to book your place on Phyllis Wolffs’ short ‘Creativity with your iPad’ class being held in various locations in the South West.  Including informal sessions conducted around her kitchen table at her home at the foot of the Melbury Hill. See her website blog for dates and details. Click here to view Phyllis’ entire iPad catalogue

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