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Canvas Printing

At Pictureframes we use the following canvas, predominantly.

FP Keswick Premium Canvas 415gsm

Off-white, heavyweight canvas. Water-resistant, resin gesso coated. 65% cotton, 35% polyester for durability. Excellent image reproduction, works best with pigment inks.

We do find that this canvas stretches well and is sympathetic to a variety of finishes – though the canvas is quite thick it does seem  resistant to cracking when folded and stretched. We are currently testing other canvases in order to increase our range.


We would recommend to our fine art customers that all canvases are stretched using stretcher bars. Although  our canvas printing is guaranteed lightfast for over 75 years the aging process combined with gravity will cause your canvas to ‘sag’ over time. This is remedied by utilising the strecher wedges found in the canvas corners. A slight tap to each wedge in turn will restretch the canvas.

In the case of a canvas being used to show a photographic portrait or something which has little artisitc value but is used for decorative purpose we would recommend your canvas being stretched around a box frame. Because the canvas is laminated (see below) there will not be any ‘sagging’ or cracking on corner folds.

canvas prints photo

Canvas surface finishing

We would suggest for artworks that the work should be varnished. We spray our canvases with a varnish mix of gloss and matt giving a pleasing ‘realistic’ effect. This will help protect the canvas from dirt and dust but also helps the folding process when stretching.

For decorative canvases we would recommend ‘laminating’ the canvas with a gloss film seal. This renders the canvas impervious to dirt, dust and also makes them showerproof; ideal for bathrooms or kitchens. Because there is no sagging a sightly different stretching technique is used.

Gallery or Museum wrap

A ‘Gallery’ wrap canvas is where the image wraps itself from the front and around the side of the canvas. This has become very popular and allows artwork to be hung without a frame.

A ‘Museum’ wrap is where the image sits on the front of the canvas and the sides are usually bare canvas or a sample solid colour from the image.

A price list for canvas printing and stretching will be available soon

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