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Custom Made Picture Frames in Any Colour Under The Sun

You’ve picked colours for the walls, skirting boards and maybe some items of furniture. So why stop when it comes to the Pictures on the wall? Imagine how brilliant it will look to have those pictures dressed in beautiful custom made, custom coloured picture frames, professionally hand finished in your choice of colour.

Dulux, Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Paint Library, Sanderson, Zoffany, Mylands, Earthborn: just supply the paint colour.

Or maybe you would like to pick a colour out of the artwork you’re framing or having printed and framed – no problem, let us know and we can help identify the colour.

Want to match a pantone reference or hexadecimal code – wing it over!

If you can’t imagine it, don’t worry – using the state of the art PictureFrames visualisation software and some very simple editing, you can create a perfect mock-up of the finished framed picture.

Custom Frame or Print and Frame?

Maybe you have a picture that you want to hang and need the right frame in the right colour; or perhaps you have a favourite photo that you can upload for us to print and frame in a beautiful custom coloured frame. When you’re ready: for custom made frames start here, and for Print and Frame start here. But read on a bit first…..

How we Hand Finish the Picture Frames

The frames in our ACUTS (Any Colour Under The Sun) range are all made from FSC  Certified Tulip wood, guaranteed responsibly sourced from Pennsylvania in the USA. The frame is made in plain unfinished timber with corner joints made using our tested stronger “dovetail” jointing system. The frame is sanded to a silky smooth finish before it goes on to finishing.

All of the finishing is applied by one of our highly experienced craftspeople using professional spray equipment in our purpose built spray-room. First we apply three coats of Emulsion Paint in the required colour. Each coat is allowed to dry and then lightly sanded before the application of the next coat. Once a solid, even colour base has been established, we apply two coats, again sanding between, of Satin Sheen water-borne Lacquer. The resulting frame has the quality and feel of a very expensive gessoed hand made frame, with the finish applied over the corner joints – but, owing to our use of techniques more common in the furniture industry than in picture framing, these frames are completely affordable.

How to order

Just to re-iterate: where to start depends on whether you already have a picture that you need a frame for, or you have a favourite photo that you want us to print and frame. For custom made frames start here, and for Print and Frame start here.

When you have got to the frame visualiser page and have entered all of your sizes, go to the bottom of the second column where you will see a box labelled “Code”; enter into this box “ACUTS” and then click on the white space to the right of the column. The selection of frames should now refresh as per the diagram below.

Any Colour Under The Sun Portfolio

Visualiser Page showing Any Colour Under The Sun Portfolio

Visualiser Page showing Any Colour Under The Sun Portfolio

So, yes they’re all grey – Farrow and Ball LampRoom Grey in fact. But the price of these frames includes finishing in any custom colour. So when you are absolutely happy with your choice of frame profile, all of your sizes, mount & glazing choices etc, then click on add to basket. If you want to order more than one frame or picture then set them up and add them to the basket until you’re ready to checkout.

When you’ve registered or logged in and chosen your delivery option, you’ll arrive at a final confirmation screen before payment. This screen has a “Customer Ref” box for every item on your order, and you can write in this box. Please put the full reference of your paint colour in this box for every ACUTS item as per the diagram below. Please be sure to click the button marked “update customer references” before proceeding to payment.

ACUTS Checkout


And What’s Next?

As soon as you’ve placed you order, you’ll get an email order confirmation which shows all the detail of each item on your order as shown below. Please check this very carefully and let us know immediately if anything’s not right.

Detail from confirmation email

Detail from confirmation email

Detail from confirmation email

Now we’ll get busy making your frames and in about ten days time we’ll let you know when our courier is going to deliver the finished product to you.



Shopping Basket

Message from Hope Elletson

Hope Elletson,


There’s obviously quite a lot to take in above so the first thing to say is that we’re always at the end of the ‘phone and can talk you through everything if you’re in any doubt.

But also, I think that a lot of the material above would be much better presented in one or more videos and I am working on it. In fact I’m planning a whole series of videos and emails on subjects related to our goal to  ‘Make Pictures Beautiful©’

Of course if you are ready to buy something on the website now or to rush into see us in Shaftesbury then that’s brilliant! But if not, perhaps you’d give us the opportunity to get to know each other over a period of time.

I’d like to send you an email once a week where I try and share some of the experience that I’ve picked up during 26 years in the picture framing business.

Sometimes, I’ll make you a special offer, and sometimes maybe ask something about you so that the information and offers can be increasingly tailored to your needs and interests.

The email will be short and to the point, giving an overview of a subject with links to more information if you want it.


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