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The PictureFrames Factory Shop has now moved Online,
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Picture Frames Factory Shop

Shaftesbury, Dorset


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“Most items are unique so when they’re gone they’re gone.”

Frames in Standard Sizes   On the virtual tour above, you’ll see that most of the back room has frame “rims” only hanging on hooks. This allows us to display more in the available space – one rim inside another. If there are more than one frame on any particular hook, they are all identical, which avoids any need to “rifle” through them. The rims are all made in one of our standard sizes – you can see the list these of sizes by clicking here – all feedback is most welcome. Back on the virtual tour – in the middle, are where the carpeted bench is, you can see that we keep glass, mdf backs, under-mount and standard size mounts in all of the standard sizes. The bench is equipped with a pneumatic “bendy tab” gun to apply the fittings which allow you to remove and replace the back etc at home. If you require custom sized mounts and/or artwork fitting, these services can be ordered in the Factory Shop and booked into our Custom Framing Schedule.

Phase Three – Natural Wood Frames & Hand Finishing   This is the endgame, and we hope to get started as soon as possible. The whole Factory Shop idea came about as we prepared to become the only bespoke picture framer in the world to be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) – read more here. Because very few of  the picture frame mouldings available in the UK are certified, we chose to concentrate our efforts on our hand-finished frames, where we start with plain (FSC certified!) timber, and finish it as a complete frame (so, over the corner joints) in house, with anything from spray paint to gold leaf. To start with, this means that we have over 10,000 metres of moulding that we are no longer selling through our website or custom framing business, thus phase one and two… This also means that our main offering through the website and custom framing business, is higher quality, more creative and, yes – more expensive. So, in phase three, we will supply plain timber frames as ready made frames (priced accordingly), and provide materials and education (physical classes in the Factory Shop, as well as on-line material) to help customers achieve a professional standard finish themselves. If you have the time and inclination, it’s “the best quality frame at the lowest price” To get a better idea, have a look at our YouTube Channel Want to know more about Phase three – please Join the Factory Shop Weekly Email list which you can sign up to at the top right of this page, and reply to one of the emails.

Art Materials   And finally, an idea that we hope might be quite exciting for artists. We propose to place an order on a regular basis with Daler Rowney – it will take 3 – 5 days to arrive. We will make a product/price list available to anyone who’s interested and they can order anything they like. Once the order is delivered, the customer comes to the Factory Shop to collect it. Considering the difficulty in getting art materials in the Shaftesbury area, this will make a huge range available at a price and time-scale which will compete with or beat on-line suppliers. You can see the Daler Rowney range at Let us know if you want if you want the product/price list… please Join the Factory Shop Weekly Email list which you can sign up to at the top right of this page, and reply to one of the emails.

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