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Framing Mad


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You are one of a very small selection of our customers invited to an event that we’re having on Saturday 18th May we’d love you to come if you feel it may be of interest to you….

One day Framing Event….

More of your work framed and ready to sell?
Pictures in a drawer that you’ve been “meaning to get framed” ?

Half Price…

Full Picture Framing Service using stock moulding – 50% off
Empty Picture Frames using stock moulding – 50% off
DIY moulding from stock – 50% off

Or Better…

Several frames the same – 50%+ off
Selected mouldings – 50%+ off
Large overall order – 50%+ off


25% off everything else…

Printing – 25% off
Mounts only – 25% off
Framing requiring moulding to be bought in – 25% off
Other work not requiring moulding – 25% off
Complex hand-finishing e.g. gesso, gilding etc. – 25% off



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Saturday V. Weekday….

Because we will need to shut down the operation of our workshop for this event, and because we thought that you or other customers that we’re inviting may be working, we decided to do this on a Saturday. Of course the other “side of the coin” is that you may be away: if this is the case and would have liked to come but can’t, please let us know and we will try and make an opportunity available to you at another convenient time.






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