Glorious Natural Oak Picture Frames to Last a Lifetime



The beauty of choosing natural oak to frame your picture is that every length of wood is unique and full of character.  Left in its natural state an oak frame will last a lifetime, ageing beautifully as a golden glow encompasses it.




Hand Made FSC® Certified Oak Picture Frames

All the natural wood we use to make your oak picture frames is Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC), which means we can guarantee that all of our natural wood frames and the majority of our finished frames are made from responsibly sourced materials that are harvested from forests which are managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations.

We are currently the only bespoke Framer in Europe who can supply custom made FSC certified picture frames, providing you the customer (upon request) with a proper chain of custody invoice showing  our FSC COC number, and putting the correct FSC labelling on the product (FSC C007915)

After two years of work we are now very proud to say that everything you buy from us at is FSC® certified.

A Small Slice of Oak Tree History

The Common Oak tree (Quercus robur or English Oak) is a stately, deciduous native of Europe, but regarded as peculiarly English and is, in fact, the chief forest tree in England. The genus, Quercus, comprises numerous species that are distributed widely over the northern hemispheres and some mountainous regions of the southern hemispheres. The Common Oak and the White Oak (Quercus alba), which is native to the eastern part of North America, share the same commercial and medicinal uses.

The “Mighty Oak”, long a symbol of strength, grows slowly and thrives as an tall ornamental in rich, deep, well-drained, acidic soil in sun or partial shade and may reach well over one hundred feet in height, with a wide girth at maturity. In ancient times, the Oak was dedicated to Thor, the Norse god of thunder. The Oak is intimately bound up with the history of the British Isles from ancient times and is considered a sacred tree by the Druids. It is said that the fabled King Arthur’s famed Round Table was made from a single slice of Oak, and we know that a spray of Oak was long engraved on old shillings and sixpence pieces.

The frames in our ACUTS (Any Colour Under The Sun) range are all made from FSC  Certified Tulip wood, guaranteed responsibly sourced from Pennsylvania in the USA. The frame is made in plain unfinished timber with corner joints made using our tested stronger “dovetail” jointing system. The frame is sanded to a silky smooth finish before it goes on to finishing.

All of the finishing is applied by one of our highly experienced craftspeople using professional spray equipment in our purpose built spray-room. First we apply three coats of Farrow & Ball Estate Emulsion in the required colour. Each coat is allowed to dry and then lightly sanded before the application of the next coat. Once a solid, even colour base has been established, we apply two coats, again sanding between, of Satin Sheen water-borne Lacquer. The resulting frame has the quality and feel of a very expensive gessoed hand made frame, with the finish applied over the corner joints – but, owing to our use of techniques more common in the furniture industry than in picture framing, these frames are completely affordable.

Message from Hope Elletson


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