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Raising money to help the Dorset Wildlife Trust


Please place a bid on Phyllis' painting and help the DWT


One of our long-time and favourite customers, Phyllis Wolff, recently presented to us a proposition that I felt we could not refuse. Phyllis is a Dorset based artist, exhibiting her landscape paintings nationally and her work is held in private collections all over the world.

Living in a beautiful part of the country in Dorset we are surrounded by some of the most wonderful landscape and it is the connection to this special place that Phyllis finds give her inspiration to paint. She has been described by none other than Edward Lucie Smith as a ‘rare colourist’. So when she told me of her idea I had no hesitation in agreeing to collaborate.

One of the most noticeable things about our landscape is the way in which the land is divided by hedges and Phyllis’ concern with the decline in management of these was leading to a fall in native flora and fauna. Her feeling of responsibility is in synergy with our own involvement with the FSC and managing renewable timber for our work.

Please place a bid on my painting and help the DWT


Phyllis proposed to auction one of her beautiful paintings of a local hill in order to raise money for the Dorset Wildlife Trust hedge management fund and might we produce a frame to accompany the painting.

Of course … we jumped to the challenge. Phyllis bought the painting ‘Melbury Hill’ into our workshop and we discussed the strategy for framing.

We thought that a rustic but traditionally elegant frame that echoed the rural colour components of the painting was the way forward.

So rabbit skin glue and gesso prepared we jumped sraight on it …. as you can see from the pictures below.

Please place a bid on my painting and help the DWT


… and at last


Please place a bid on Phyllis' painting and help the DWT

Go on … make a bid.

As well as contributing to a great cause, you never know …. you just might win



The auction will take place here and will last for 14 days beginning on the 3rd of April. There will be a reserve price set which, if not reached by the end of the auction will permit the artist to refuse to sell.

Delivery will be negotiated after sale depending on the address of the wining bidder

The ENTIRE proceeds will be donated to the DORSET WILDLIFE TRUST


A painting of the hill of my everyday, my own inspiration –

I hope it inspires you to gamble with the chance to win, and win anyway for our beautiful countryside

– Phyllis Wolff

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