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Pictureframes of Shaftesbury Price List 2013

A short guide to using  the “offline” pricelist:

The appropriate column is found by adding the long side of the glass (or rebate for oil paintings etc)  to the short side and rounding up to the next column header. To find the right row for framing, find the letter that precedes the numeric code for your moulding. The figure in the box where the price group row meets the appropriate column is for close framing and includes fitting and VAT.  Any extras such as mounts etc…. can be found in the appropriate column at the bottom of the pricelist and added to the close framing price.

For example the mount aperture size (portrait and allowing white border) of one of your prints might be 475mm x 320mm: borders of 90mm top and sides and 100mm at the base give a glass size of 665mm x 500mm (total: 1165 so use 1250 column).The price of the oak moulding D086 and single mount – add the price in the box, £69 to the single mount price, £12 and you get a total of £81.

If you need a frame for an oil painting, you would take the close frame price and subtract the “Oil Painting Subtract” figure for the appropriate column.

For empty frames (where you are going to fit the artwork yourself), you can either price them online or subtract the “fitting charge” for glazed frames (half the “fitting charge” if “Oil Painting Subtract” has already been subtracted.


Long side + Short side mm:35045055065075085095010501150125013501450155016501850205022502450
Group A  Frame262933364044495256616470768294120134142
Group B  Frame273134364145505458626874808699125140148
Group C  Frame2932353842475055606570768389106133149158
Group D  Frame3034374146505459656975828895113141158167
Group E  Frame31353943485357626772808693101115142159169
Group F  Frame343741465157616673788794105113129157176187
Group G  Frame3741455056616772798792100108122142173192205
Group H  Frame38454955616874818897103111120134156188209223
Group I  Frame424854606572818897109111120127150174207230246
Group J Frame4451576572799198109122125135143166192227251269
Group K Frame47556270788697105113143138146155164211248274293
Group L  Frame5563728190100112121131163158168178188238277306328
Group M  Frame62728393103114127138149160179190201213265307338363
Group N  Frame708293105116128143155168180200212225238292337371398
Group O  Frame8194107121134148164178192206228242256271329377415445
Group P  Frame91105120135150166184200215231255271287303365416457491
Group Q  Frame102119136154171188209227245263288306325343409465510548
Group R  Frame114133153172192211234254274294322342363383453514563606
Group S  Frame129150172194216238264286309332362385408431507572627675
Group T  Frame152178204230257283313339366393443473502532594667731787
Group U  Frame180211242273305336371403435467522556591627698782856922
Group V  Frame21425128832536340144147951755661765769874082392010051084
Group W  Frame254298343388433478526571616662730778827875974108511851278
Group X  Frame30235640946351657062768173579086792498110381154128314011512
Group Y  Frame36042448855261768174981387894310301098116612341370152016591792
Group Z  Frame4305075836607378148949721049112712271307138714681630180619702128
Group AA  Frame514606697789882974106911621254134714631558165417491942214823432530
Single Mount  =add56678891011121415161822253035
Double Mount  =add789101214141719212426293239465463
Extra Mount  =add2233445678911121317202428
Back & bag  =add2223334455678810121417
Drymount  =add33445567891011121316192327
Oil painting   =subtract5568911131416182123252740647989
Stretch Canvas =add202224272932374043457176818798123136142
Plain Mirror =add123568101215182124273110121518
Acrylic =add123456891113151820230000
Fitting Only81012141619212325273032343640454954
Two lines =add111213141516171920212223242527293133
Three line wash =add182022252729313436384043454752566165
5 line wash GB =add2629333741444852565963677174828997104
Drymount onto foam core/ 4mm mdf5678910121315171921242632384552
Drymount onto DiBond & fit feet242628313437424651566268758298116135156
Heat Seal =add3445678910121315171923283338
Foamcore Back & Sello-wrap334556789101113141619232731
Lace tapestry etc8911121415171921232528303238434955
Bevelled Mirror81418232833394552596775849386101117134
Loo window NRGGL23445678911121416182024293440
Anti Reflective GlazeGL80913182431394858698194108123139174213257304
Anti Reflective/ UV GlazeGL86101622303950617489104121139159180225276332393
2mm Float glass onlyGL16344556789101213141619232832
Hardboard only222333444556678101113
Mountcard only333344567789101214172023
Print on Canvas468101215182125293337424758698296
Print on Art paper3571012151922263136414652647894110
Print on Photo paper234578101215172022252936435261
Print on Poster paper12234567891112141619242833
Printed, Varnished Canvas board1012151822263136424956647281100121144170
Printed, Varnished Box Canvas2327323844515967768696107119132158188220255

nb. =add prices are only available in conjunction with another service, eg close frame or consultation.

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