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Print and Frame from the UK’s leading printing and framing service.

Get your photo or other image printed out to the highest possible standard, framed exactly the way way you want it and delivered to your door ready to hang on the wall

” I received my order today, and I have to say I am more than pleased with the end product. The quality of the image and the frame is excellent, I’d like to thank you all at for providing such a wonderful service..”

How to Print and Frame your picture

  1. Prepare your image so that it is the right way up and cropped to exactly what you want to see. If you don’t already use photo editing software, we like Pixlr and Photoshop Express Editor
  2. Click the button that says: “Choose File”, choose an image file (.jpg .png .tif) and then click next. Wait for the file to upload – remember that the larger the file the longer it will take but the bigger we’ll be able to print it.
  3. Decide how big you want your print: the sofa is there as a visual reference. You will not be able to get it bigger than the initial dimensions as this is the biggest we can print it without lowering our quality standards. However if you make either dimension smaller, the other dimension will be adjusted accordingly to maintain the aspect ratio.
  4. Choose what paper to print on: the default matt art paper is the best all-rounder for framed images but we also have: gloss photo paper, satin or lustre photo paper and the very beautiful Natural Soft Texture watercolour type paper.
  5. Click “proceed to frame your print” – this will now take your image into our online picture framing studio where you will be able to see your photo or print mounted and framed in a huge range of different mounts and picture frames.
  6. Once you are happy with your framing options for your print or photo, you can double check using the “Zoom” and “View scaled image  functions. Then simply click “add to basket” and checkout. Your framed photos or prints will be with you in a matter of a few days ready to hang on the wall.

Why not get that holiday snap or other photo of friends or family printed and framed and sent to them – just enter their delivery address at checkout. If you email us quoting the order number, we can include a note from you – what a great gift!

Click here if you would prefer a printed and varnished box canvas…

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