S&G Simple Frame - Small Golden - Gessoed

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Simple " Tray" Frame to Fit S&G Art Panel

Small Golden Size

Traditional Gesso finish

Square & Golden Frames

S&G Simple Frame - Small Golden - Gessoed

This simple "tray" style frame will fit a Small Golden Size (220x356mm) S&G Art Panel with the entire edges of the panel showing. There will be a 7mm space around the edges of the panel and the surface of the panel will sit 3mm below the face of the frame.

The timber is FSC® certified Obeche .

The Frame is finished with Traditional Gesso, ready to have Bole and Gold Leaf applied or to be finished in countless other ways.

Purchase Options:

Frame Only - when you already have the Art Panel

Frame with Sanded Art Panel - ready for your own primer.

Frame with Gessoed Art Panel - prepared with our Beautiful and Unique Traditional Gesso painting surface.