when is a white frame

not a white frame?

When it’s got big black lines across the corners !!

a bad white frame with black corners

I took the 2 photos on the left in John Lewis’s Salisbury Waitrose store and the one on the right in a well known London gallery. I think they prove the point perfectly that a White Picture Frame with big black lines where the corners join just isn’t really doing the job.

So what the difference between John Lewis’s (Or Ikea’s etc or most other Picture Framers’) White Frames and our own PictureFrames White Frame?

Well let me explain

A manufactured frame is made using a 10ft length of moulding which has been sprayed white in a factory. They chop their four sides out of that and pin them together. This is what we call “cut and join” and it’s how we make our 9000 range manufactured frames – all very efficient. Inevitably, however good the cutting and joining, the corners will often show using the cut and join process and it ruins the effect of a promised smooth finish.

white frame with black corners in a gallery and department store
flawless white frame corner

And how we do it … properly

We on the other hand, only make White Frames as Handmade Frames: by which we mean that firstly we make the frame in plain timber – in this case Tulip Wood, joining the corners with v-nails or dovetails dependent on the profile. We then carefully prepare and sand the joined frame before spraying it with two coats of primer and a white lacquer topcoat. The end result speaks for itself.

a sprayed white frame with no split or crack
pictureframes.co.uk white frame ready to go
a primed and twice-sprayed white frame

We make all of our custom made white frames to this exacting standard, in any size and from a large range of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) rated woods to our own profile designs.

Why not take a look at a selection of our ready-made white frames – all manufactured with the same high quality