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Our brand new pictureframing visualiser is almost complete


Our brand new pictureframing tool is completing development and will be available for you to use very soon.

In the meantime why not give us a ring and we will be happy to make sure you get the frame you want



Gone are the days when you need to make two trips to the picture framer – the first to place your order and the second to collect it. With our bespoke framing and mounting service you choose your own size frame and mount, in your own time, from the comfort of your own home; not only saving you time and travel, but saving you money too!

Our online frame design and visualisation software gives you a huge choice of mounts and frames. A new version is coming very soon.

With our wide format fine art printing service, if you have a photo or other artwork as a digital file, you can simply upload it to our print and frame section and within a few days you’ll have the complete framed picture hanging on your wall.

The website will automatically calculate volume discounts on quantities of up to 50 custom made picture frames or 1,000 standard size picture frames. For greater quantities, please get in touch.

Our background as framers to many internationally renowned artists, blue chip companies and discerning collectors, gives us the experience to take on the jobs which are way beyond the capabilities of other online framers: we make picture frames in any size and even make custom shaped frames and a variety of handmade frames. We make hand painted as well as spray painted frames as well as other hand finished frames for example gold leaf or other gilded picture frames.

Whether you need a frame for an oil painting,  a watercolour, a pastel or a photograph, we can provide you with a top quality bespoke picture frame, made to your exact specifications at less than half the price of a high street framer, and we will deliver it direct to your door! If you are only looking for a picture mount or perhaps many mounts, double mounts or even triple mounts, we are happy to help with that too.

We specialise in big picture frames and have experience in making very large custom frames complete with mounts and glazing. Just recently: we have framed a photograph with a mount and an acrylic glaze 4.5 metres x 1.5 metres;  we have provided a famous London theatre with an ornate gold frame measuring 15ft x 12ft, and we have mounted glazed and framed a World War Two Union Jack Flag measuring over 6ft x 10ft.

Where a ready made frame is appropriate, we offer a stylish range of plain wood frames, ornate frames, painted frames, frames with multi aperture mounts in a range of sizes. Many of the frames and all of the mounts are manufactured in our Dorset picture framing factory and are unique to us: they can be finished in a range of Farrow and Ball colours or can be in beautiful natural oak or classic black, silver, pewter and gold. Even picture frames made from recycled pallets!!!

Message from Hope Elletson

Hope Elletson,


There’s obviously quite a lot to take in above so the first thing to say is that we’re always at the end of the ‘phone and can talk you through everything if you’re in any doubt.

But also, I think that a lot of the material above would be much better presented in one or more videos and I am working on it. In fact I’m planning a whole series of videos and emails on subjects related to our goal to  ‘Make Pictures Beautiful©’

Of course if you are ready to buy something on the website now or to rush into see us in Shaftesbury then that’s brilliant! But if not, perhaps you’d give us the opportunity to get to know each other over a period of time.

I’d like to send you an email once in a while where I try and share some of the experience that I’ve picked up during 26 years in the picture framing business.


What is the FSC® and how does it help?

FSCcertifiedThe Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is the most rigorous body involved in Timber Certification, and the only one with Global reach.


Very few of the generally available picture framing materials in the UK are subject to any certification at all, and only a tiny percentage are FSC certified. For this reason, over 90% of the picture frame moulding at are milled especially for us from Plain Timber and we then hand finish the frames in our Dorset Workshops.

Learn more about the FSC and other sustainable concerns

Forest Stewardship Council®